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Get your child's feet wet, or rather hands "grainy" with this sensory learning activity. This is one of our simplest activity, but still fun and engaging for your pre-school child. Combining sensory development with letter recognition and matching, this activity will let them learn all the while they get to create a mess! ( A small one though, we promise) A win-win for all involved.

Since this is one of our simpler activities, we are offering a pay-what-you-want model. Just enter what you feel is fair and done! Once you have a chance to do this activity, we are sure you will want more and we are ready with 4 more activities and more will be added continuously!

  • One printable activity with detailed instructions

  • Size
    2.48 MB
  • Length
    6 pages
  • Topic
    Letter Recognition
  • Secondary
    Sensory Development
  • One printable activity with detailed instructions
  • Size2.48 MB
  • Length6 pages
  • TopicLetter Recognition
  • SecondarySensory Development
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